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Commission for the Economy

Global Plan of the General Council 2019-2025

Christian Körner, O.Carm.

God has called us to be good administrators of the gifts we have received. We have the task of taking good care of what has been entrusted to us. We strive to be better in our responsibility, transparency and solidarity in the adminis­tration of the material goods entrusted to us. Thus, we con­tinue to implement the ideal established by our Constitu­tions: “In our use of material goods, it is our responsibility before God to observe faithfully the poverty which we have freely professed, keeping in mind that we make the vow of poverty in order to live a simple life, individually and within our communities, avoiding whatever might offend the sensibilities of the poor” (Con. 60). “To ensure that the economic structure of our religious life does not resemble existing global systems of unjust inequality, fraternity with­in the Carmelite family should find expression in concern for and sharing with communities throughout the Order, in particular the poorer among them”(Con. 38).


  1. Meet annually with the General Commission for the Economy for reviewing the economy of the Order.
  2. Look for other sources of funding the General Curia.
  3. Repay the interest and the loan received from the Prov­inces for the ex Domus Carmelitana.
  4. Create a central fund for our missions and draw up statutes for it according to the decisions of the General Chapter.
  5. Collaborate with the General Commission for the Coor­dination of the New Foundations of the Order.
  6. Review the contribution percentages of the Provinces, promoting the participation of all.
  7. Organize in 2021 and 2024 international meetings of the bursars of the Provinces, General Delegations and Com­missariats.
  8. Continue updating the Economic Directory by imple­menting the new directives of the Holy See (e.g. stable patrimony).


  • Christian Körner, O.Carm.
  • Günter Benker, O.Carm. (Germany)
  • Anna di Giglio (Neapolitan, Italy)
  • Shiju George Njaralampuzha, O.Carm. (India)
  • Javier Domingo Garmón i Calvo, O.Carm. (Catalunia, Spain)
  • Nixon Jacobus Silfanus (Jakarta, Indonesia)

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