no. 2   april - june 2003

New General Delegate Named for Czech Republic

The Prior General, Joseph Chalmers, and William J. Harry, the Councilor General for Northern Europe, made a canonical visitation to the General Delegation of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic) March 31-April 4, 2003. Following the visit Vojtech Kodet, O. Carm., was nominated as the General Delegate. He replaced Jan Fatka, O. Carm., who completed two 3 year terms.

The new General Delegate will be assisted by two Councilors: Gorazd Cetkovsky and Serafim Smejkal.

During the visitation, a meeting with the Lay Carmelites from around the country was held (pictured above) at the Carmelite parish in Prague. The gathering included the celebration of Eucharist, dinner, and presentations, and a question and answer period. (CITOC Photo) 

(Left) Fr. Vojtech Kodet, O. Carm., the new General Delegate for the Czech Republic.


Colloquium in USA Studies Carmelite Publishing Strategies

A colloquium to examine strategies for developing a North American market for Carmelitana materials was held at Whitefriars Hall in Washington, DC (USA) on March 12-13, 2003. Thirteen people took part in the two day event which identified the problems and opportunities for marketing Carmelitana materials to the North American audience. It was also an opportunity for those involved in the production, marketing and sales of Carmelitana materials to network with each other.

Among those attending were Joseph Chalmers, O. Carm., the Prior General and William J. Harry, O. Carm., Councilor General with responsibility for the Order's Culture and Communications, and Patrick McMahon, Preside of the Institutum Carmelitanum.

"This is an excellent strengthening of the connection of Edizioni Carmelitane, our publishing house in Rome, with the Order's publishing efforts in the USA and Canada," said Fr. William. "It is to everyone's advantage that we begin working together to make Carmelitana available to a much wider audience."

Presenting information during the meeting was Rev. Lawrence Boadt, C.S.P., Publisher for Paulist Press, and Sr. Roberta Hummel, F.S.P., Director of Marketing for Pauline Books and Media. Presentations were also given by Sr. Roberta McKelvie, O.S.F., Executive Directors of the Franciscan Institute, NY and Ms. Claudia Carlsen, Director of the Carmelite Book Store at Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

The event was sponsored by the Louis Herman and Susan Hamilton Rogge Fund.


During a break in the Publishing Colloquium, Prior General Joseph Chalmers and Sr Roberta Hummel of the Pauline Books and Media talk over ideas as do Hein Bloomstein of the Dutch Province and Patricia O'Callaghan of the Washington Carmelite Library. CITOC - 2003


Foundation of Donum Dei in Seville

The Famille Missionnarie `Donum Dei' will found a house in Seville, Spain at the request of the archbishop. Their ministry will be to operate the new Diocesan Priest House. The foundation is scheduled to begin in late April 2003.

"Our founder always dreamed of making a foundation in Spain," said Marie Josephe Perriot, Superior General of the Donum Dei. "What made it so easy to say `Yes' when this opportunity came up was the presence of so many Carmelite men and women already in Spain and their support for us."

The Archbishop of Seville, Mons. Carlos Amigo Vallejo, OFM, was referred to the Donum Dei by the Carmelite nuns in Seville in August 2002. Marie Josephe Perriot, along with Fr. Rafael Leiva Sanchez, O. Carm., General Councilor for the Mediterranean region, and Suzanne Zabramba, General Councilor for the Donum Dei visited Seville.

The Clergy House is new. There is a separate house for the three Donum Dei who will be working there.


New Titus Brandsma Museum - A museum dedicated to the life and work of Titus Brandsma, O. Carm., is being developed in Bolsward, where Brandsma was born. Even though the museum has not opened, people are donating objects connected to Brandsma's life. Pictured is the front of the museum which is in a remodeled family home.

The museum is now accepting donations to be used in arranging exhibitions, expanding the collections, and promoting activities. For € 20,00 per year, one can become a member of the "Club of Friends" of the Brandsma Museum. For a one time donation of € 200,00, one can enjoy the lifelong benefits of a "Friend of the Museum."

For more information, contact:

Titus Brandsma Museum
Grote Dijlakker 11,
NL-8701 KV Bolsward
Tel: +31 515 581799

The Maltese Mission of Bolivia Visited

Fr. Rafael Leiva Sanchez, O. Carm., General Councilor for the Mediterranean Region, visited the Maltese mission in Bolivia from January 23-30, 2003. He also met with the Archbishop of La Paz.

Three Carmelites are in La Paz, the capitol city which stands at 4, 500 meters. Two of the Carmelites, Germán Mamani Condori and Milton Murillo Ortíz, are native Bolivians. The third member of the community, Valeriano Marcieca, is Maltese. The parish they administer has almost 90,000 members. Two other parishes were given to the Carmelites but they are currently administered by diocesan priests.

The Carmelite Sisters of Madre Candelaria have recently made a foundation in an area up from the Parish of Fatima in La Paz. They, along with a Spanish priest, run a school for children and work with the people of the area.

Four Carmelites, Eduardus Vella, Albert Brincat, George Keers, and Garvin Grech, all from Malta, make up the community in Tarija. Albert Brincat is the Vicar General of the diocese. A fifth Maltese Carmelite, Joseph Farrugia, lives and works in La Concepción.

There is some hope to have greater contact with the other Carmelites in South America. During their deaconate, the two Bolivian Carmelites lived and ministered in Peru. They made their novitiate in Brazil.

Titus Brandsma General Delegation in Columbia Holds Second Annual Capitular Meeting

From January 5 to 10, 2003 the Titus Brandsma General Delegation in Colombia (DTB) celebrated its 2nd Capitular Meeting in the city of Medellín in the Retreat House, El Tabor, belonging to the Missionary Sisters of Mother Laura.

The theme chosen for this meeting and for reflection in the DTB during the year 2003 is: "The power of God present in the weakness of each Little Carmel that takes up its mission in the midst of the difficulties surrounding it."

Some forty Brothers and Sisters of the Little Carmels that make up the DTB came from different parts of the country to study in depth aspects of our life in Carmel in the Delegation and to make group decisions.

Carlos Mesters, General Counselor for Latin America, accompanied the group and presided the Eucharist of January 8 when we celebrated a birthday, a baptism and the formal commitments in Carmel of 30 Brothers and Sisters of our Titus Brandsma General Delegation.

The Titus Brandsma Delegation celebrates a "Capitular Meeting" annually and it's Chapter in the Carmelite Family every three years.

Submitted by Hugo J. Canavan, O.Carm.
Casa Misionera Monte Carmelo

Third Order Rule Approved by General Council and Vatican

Quoting from the Carmelite Rule and the Letter to the Hebrews, the new Rule of the Lay Carmelites begins "Many times and in varied ways." Although intended to describe lives lived in dedication to Christ, the quote also sums up the lengthy process for developing the Third Order Rule.

With one last review, section by section, the General Council unanimously approved the document at their February plenary session. The General Council was notified in late April that the Vatican Congregation had approved the document.

The document currently exists only in Italian. It will be translated and printed in various languages. It is expected to be promulgated on July 16, 2003 and comes into force on December 8, 2003.

Joseph Chalmers, the Prior General, said "Like the Constitutions for the friars, this Rule of the Third Order translates into practical details the Rule of St. Albert which is the fundamental inspirational document of all Carmelites. We are very happy that after years of study and reflection, the General Council and the Holy See approved it."

Asked what it will mean to the individual members, the Prior General said "I am sure that each Lay Carmelite will find the Rule helpful. Chaplains of the individual communities will find it of great assistance in helping the communities develop and mature."

Ceremony to Incorporate Carmelite Hermits of Monteluro Held

On March 30, 2003, the Prior General, Joseph Chalmers, received the solemn profession of the prioress, Sr. Maria di Gesù (Rita Faroldi). Two other hermits, Sr. Giovanni di Maria Immacolata (Dina Mazzi) and Sr. Teresa Maria del Cuore di Gesù (Maria Lonardoni) already living for some time in this hermitage, made their profession in the hands of the prioress. Another hermit, Sr. Maria Morena della Divina Misericordia (Morena Ciullo) made her simple profession.

The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life, with a decree dated January 1, 2003, incorporated the Hermits of Monteluro with "full rights" (pleno iure) to the Carmelite Order. At the same time, the Congregation approved their Constitutions. The decree was read at the beginning of the ceremony.

These hermits are in the Diocese of Pesaro (Italy). They profess the Rule of St. Albert. Anumber of Carmelites from Rome participated in the ceremony.

Following the Incorporation Ceremony and the Reception of Vows, the Carmelite Hermit Community of Monteluro, Italy pose with Joseph Chalmers, the Prior General, Carlo Cicconetti, the Vice General, Rafael Leiva, Councilor for the Mediterranean Region, and Josef Jancar, Procurator General.

The contact information for the Hermits is:

Eremite Carmelitane
Via Stroppato, 1
Telephone: 0721-476004