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logo complete

This new and contemporary logo of the Carmelites was launched in 2021 and represents our journey as Carmelites from Mount Carmel to across the globe...

logo globe The globe represents the world and the Carmelites heading down from Mount Carmel and spreading the Gospel throughout the world. The colour blue represents Our Lady. This element represents journey and community.
logo shield The globe incorporates the shield of the Carmelites that includes the ‘Mountain’ representing Mount Carmel where the first Carmelites originated.
logo flame The flame has multiple meanings. The flame originates from the original shield/coat of arms and flickers up over the globe. This flame represents the flame on the sword of Elijah and also the flame of the Holy Spirit that leads/spreads the work of the Carmelites throughout the world. The star is positioned in the centre of the flame to represent the connection between the original shield/coat of arms with the new design.
logo stars

The three stars retain six points as per the original Carmelite coat of arms. These represent the Holy Trinity and if lines are drawn between the stars, this represents Mount Carmel and the origin of the Carmelites. The highest star that sits outside the earth in the heavens represent Carmelites who have ended their journey “by reaching the top of the holy Mountain”. (Carmelite Missal, 1980, Opening Prayer on the Solemnity of the Bl. Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel).

The position of the stars represent the charism of Carmel spreading throughout the world and the journey of Carmelites from Elijah through the Holy Spirit and finally returning to God in the heavens.