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Tuesday, 05 October 2021 14:54

New Research on St. Angelo at Convention

On September 25, the second conference of scholars on St. Angelo, was held. The conference was sponsored by the General Archives and the General Postulation of the Order. This is the 800th anniversary of the death of the saint. The conference was financed by the Banca Sant'Angelo who hosted the first conference in November 2019 at their offices. This conference was held at the school Liceo Clásico Vincenzo Linares with a representation of teachers and students attending.

After the greetings of the director of the school and the prior provincial of the Italian province the morning session, moderated by the postulator general, Giovanna Brizi, heard presentations from Giovanni Grosso, president of the Institutum Carmelitanum on the presence of the Carmelites in Sicily in the 13th and 14th centuries; Mario Alfarano, the general archivist, on the hagiographical interpretation of The Life of Enoc (Vita di Enoc); Marco Papasidero, of the University of Torino, on the miracles of St. Angelo connected to pestilence and storms; and Marco Grassi, of the University of Messina, on the iconography of St. Angelo in Santa Maria in Traspontina in Rome.

The afternoon session, moderated by Marco Papasidero, featured contributions from scholars who responded to the "call for papers" issued in July 2019. They included Michele Lodone, from the University of Venice, on the prophecies in the life of Saint Angelo; Tommaso Maria Rossi, archivist of the Diocesan Archives of Lucca, on the parallelism between Saint Angelo and Saint Avertan; Mateusz Zimny, from the University of Krakow, on the iconography of Albert present in Poland; and Ruggiero Doronzo, from the University of Bari, on the iconography preserved in the General Archives of the Order.

The research presented at the two conferences will be published by Edizioni Carmelitane and made available to those who wish to know new interpretations and further insights into the figure of this early Carmelite saint. In the meantime, a final conference scheduled on the results of the canonical recognition of the relics and the restoration of the urn of the saint, scheduled for next year, has been announced although the exact date is pending.

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