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Formation Commission 2013-2019 admin Fri, 2014-08-08 18:37

Our spiritual masters have taught us a life of in obsequio Jesu Christi, whose authentic meaning is that person¬al encounter with Jesus Christ and discipleship is indispensable. This is the core of Carmelite formation. It is "a specific process through which a person learns to identify fully with the Carmelite ideal of life" (Con. 117),

How to continue growing as a spiritual director - Continuing formation in spiritual direction admin Wed, 2017-02-22 00:00

The following words are remarks regarding some of the areas of continuing formation which we consider important for those who wish to continue growing in the ministry of spiritual direction.

PAN AMERICAN MEETING of Carmelite Formandi and Formators admin Sat, 2016-06-18 00:00

Fraternity is the way that God, our Father, chose through His Son Jesus Christ for all people to reach salvation. Aware of the urgent need that every baptized person is called, the major superiors of the Americas have stressed the need for young religious, both formandi and formators,

Ongoing Formation Course for Young Carmelites in Indonesia admin Sat, 2016-05-07 00:00

Aware of the wide range of expectations which newly ordained Carmelites face and of the unique adjustment demanded by the transition from initial formation to daily ministry, the General Commission of Formation, together with the Province of Indonesia, organized an ongoing formation course for newly ordained Carmelites from November 16-21, 2015.

Carmelite formation topics that you might be interested in admin Mon, 2015-07-20 12:47

These are the Carmelite Topics for Formation:

  • Programa de Formación: del “desierto” al “jardín” de Dios
  • Actividades de Formacion al Carmelo Aspirantes. Postulantes. Prenovicios
  • Staying in God’s Presence
  • Formation of the Temporary Professed
  • Formation Route
  • Contemplative Tradition of the Carmelite Order
  • 30-day Carmelite Retreat



Integrating Sexuality in Formation Programs admin Tue, 2015-04-21 12:10

The challenge for RELIGIOUS in this early part of the 21st century is to be men and women of integrity people who live their sexuality as consecrated celibates.  This is the call of the Gospel.

The Spirituality of St. Teresa of Avila admin Thu, 2014-11-06 23:00

The Spirituality of St. Teresa of Avila

Teresa’s Castle

               At the age of 62, Teresa of Avila presented a summary of her life of prayer. She imaged her spiritual journey as the journey from the outside of a crystal, global castle to the center room where the King lived.



As Carmelites We live our life of allegiance to Jesus Christ and to serve Him faithfully with a pure heart and a clear conscience through a commitment to seek the face of the living God (the contemplative dimension of life), through prayer, through fraternity, and through service (diakonia). These three fundamental elements of the charism are not distinct and unrelated values, but closely interwoven. 

All of these we live under the protection, inspiration and guidance of Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whom we honor as "our Mother and sister."