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Flos Carmeli, vitis florigera,
splendor caeli, Virgo puerpera singularis.
Mater mitis, sed viri nescia,...


P. Englmar Reiner, (Ger)
ORTUS: 08-06-28
P. TEMP.: 08-09-51
P. SOLL.: 08-09-54

P. Christopher Crowley, (Hib)
Ortus: 12-06 ...

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Appointment as a member of the Congregation for the Clergy

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has today (July 13th, 2019) appointed as a member of the Congregation for the Clergy the President of the Pontifical ...

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The 25th Assembly of the Carmelite Family of the Iberian Region

From July 2 to 5, 2019, the 25th Assembly of the Carmelite Family of the Iberian Region (Spain and Portugal) was held at the "Virgen del Carmen" ...

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Lectio Divina: 16th Sunday of ordinary time (C)

Mary and Martha, friends of Jesus
Which is the better part chosen by Mary?
Luke 10, 38 – 42

1. Opening prayer

Lord Jesus, send your Spirit to help us to read the Scriptures with the same mind that you read them to the disciples on the way to Emmaus. In the light of the Word, written in the Bible, you helped them to discover the presence of God in the disturbing events of your sentence and death. Thus, the cross that seemed to be the end of all hope became for them the source of life and of resurrection.

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Lectio Divina: Saint Mary Magdalene
Lectio: Matthew 12:46-50
Lectio Divina: Matthew 13:1-9
Lectio Divina: Saint James, apostle
Lectio: Matthew 13:18-23
Lectio: Matthew 13:24-30
Lectio Divina: 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)


  • Welcome!

    Message from the Prior General

    Dear friends of Carmel,

    Firstly, I want to welcome those of you who are visiting this website of the Carmelite Order. New technologies offer us the possibility to get mountains of information. The website of the Carmelite Order actually wants to do more, it wants to provide you with a space for reflection, a space to be in contact with spirituality, with tradition and with the charism of Carmel, a place of encounter among all the members of the Carmelite Family: friars, nuns, religious sisters, lay people, Carmelite youth, and everyone who, for one reason or another, is interested in the spiritual world of Carmel.
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  • The Carmelites

    The Carmelites? Who are we?


    The Holy Land, Mount Carmel to be exact. A mountain celebrated for its sheer beauty. Stretching out into the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea Mount Carmel in the springtime of the year is a glow with the vivacious colouring of flowering shrubs and plants. A symbol for the beauty of Mary. On that mountain the first Carmelites came together, a unique group. Laymen, most of them, living as hermits in community. They took as their model one who appealed to many monks in the West, the Prophet Elijah.

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