Why I am a TOC

Why I Became a Third Order Carmelite - Daniel Egido Simon


At first I thought this was a difficult question, but in reality it was very easy to answer… This is what God asked me to be. But reaching to this conclusion was part of a long process.

I studied at a Carmelite School in Madrid (my hometown) and when I was 11 years old I joined a group

Why I Became a Third Order Carmelite - Amos Ochieng

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by Amos Ochieng TOC, Kenya

Carmel was not in my mind, in fact before 1993, I had never known or heard that there was anything like Carmel not even the name of it.

I had just finished my O’ levels of secondary school education in 1991 and life was literally before me.

Why I Became a Third Order Carmelite


By Rosalie Alcantara Castro, TOC, Philippines

Why did I become a Third Order Carmelite?

Nothing happens by accident.  Everything happens for a reason.

A few minutes after I agreed to write this article, I had half a mind to call and request that someone else be given the task.  Guess where I was at that time?  I was in the hospital, huddled in a corner,

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