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Province of Naples

The Province of Naples is not to be confused with the convent of Naples, the Carmine Maggiore, which for most of its long history has been an independent house under the Prior General.

In 1472, in the drastic redistribution

of the Italian Provinces by the Vicar General, Christopher Martignoni, the houses in the Kingdom of Naples were separated from the Province of Rome. After 1598, the Neapolitan Province was also called the Province of Terra di Lavoro. Its houses were numerous, even after it gave rise to the Vicariate of Abruzzo (1573) and the Province of Calabria (1575) and contributed two houses to the reform of Santa Maria della Vita (1662). In 1725, the Province of Terra di Lavoro handed over five houses to a new Province of Naples formed from the ten granges of the Carmine Maggiore of Naples and the former convent of the Province of Monte Santo in the same city. This latter convent became the principal house of the Province. After all that, Terra di Lavoro still counted nineteen houses. A great deal of confusion arises due to the fact that the two names, Terra di Lavoro and Naples, are used indiscriminately in the records.

In 1809, religious Orders were suppressed by the French under Joachim Murat, King of Naples. The six Carmelite Provinces in the kingdom, comprising eighty-three convents, thus disappeared. In 1847, after the restoration of the Bourbons, the Province of Naples was re-constituted from seven houses formerly of the Provinces of Puglia, Rome, and Abruzzo. These houses again fell victim to the general suppression in Italy of 1866, but the Carmelites were able to continue as pastors in the churches that remained open to the public.

Thus, the Province was able to be represented at the General Chapters of 1889 and 1902. With the exception of Mesagne, the other houses in the present Province were founded in 20th century.

At present the Province of Naples has about 30 religious working in Italy.

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Provincial Office:

Parrocchia S. Maria delle Vittorie
Corso Benedetto Croce, 180
70125 BARI
Tel. 080-5424484/5425149
Fax 080-5562741


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