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Initium Novitiatus

  • 05-07-19 Olívio Antonio Trigo (Pern-Moz), Kriste Mambo, Zimbabwe
  • 05-07-19 Quetis Pirislão (Pern-Moz), Kriste Mambo, Zimbabwe
  • 05-07-19 Alves Cristina Bié (Pern-Moz), Kriste Mambo, Zimbabwe
  • 05-07-19 Kelvin Mupesa (HIb-Zim), Kriste Mambo, Zimbabwe
  • 05-07-19 Simnarashe Munyimi (HIb-Zim), Kriste Mambo, Zimbabwe
  • 05-07-19 Stephen Mashayamombe (HIb-Zim), Kriste Mambo, Zimbabwe
  • 05-07-19 Kundai Chikomba (HIb-Zim), Kriste Mambo, Zimbabwe

Professio Temporanea

  • 14-07-19 Nuryatmaja Gora Pawana (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Hendra Paulinus Simbolon (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Ignatius Yusuf Susanto (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Martinus Srinando Barasa (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Aladin Faustinus Ginting Tigajumpa (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Andreas Marison Sinaga (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Dianto Stefanus Sihombing (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Andreas Ambarita (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Yosef Ade Yudo Prakoso (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Kanisius Catur Christian (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Kevin Hendrarto Tandautama (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Dandi Berutu (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Nobertus Gerry Kurniawan (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Feodor Esha Diwataru (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 14-07-19 Krisostomus Amzal Rumandjak (Indo), Batu, Malang, Indonesia
  • 27-07-19 Alexander I. Martinez (Phil), Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 27-07-19 Mithy S. Layos (Phil), Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 27-07-19 Michel B. San Juan (Phil), Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 27-07-19 Adrian Vergel B. Ballares (Phil), Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 27-07-19 Petronilo M. Flores (Phil), Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 27-07-19 Dave C. Malinao (Phil), Quezon City, Pilipinas
  • 27-07-19 Jaynor Mike E. Gomez (Phil), Quezon City, Pilipinas

Professio Solemnis

  • 20-07-19 Luca Zerneri (ACV), Salamanca, España

Ordinatio Diaconalis

  • 25-05-19 André Tulengi Biba a Kusangisa (Ita-Con), Kinshasa, RD Congo
  • 08-06-19 Herbert Nyamangwanda (Hib-Zim), Rusape, Zimbabwe
  • 08-06-19 Paul Charidza Mutsengi (Hib-Zim), Rusape, Zimbabwe
  • 08-06-19 Vitalis Chiromba (Hib-Zim), Rusape, Zimbabwe
  • 04-07-19 Jean Marie Bahati Banga (Ita-Con), Butembo, RD Congo
  • 04-07-19 Ghislain Bahati N’Kuba (Ita-Con), Butembo, RD Congo
  • 04-07-19 Charles Kizito Maliro (Ita-Con), Butembo, RD Congo
  • 04-07-19 Christian Ndjedhadjo Ngona (Ita-Con), Butembo, RD Congo
  • 20-07-19 Bladimir Ramos Ramos (Cat), Terrassa, España
  • 20-07-19 Adrian Timaru (Ita), San Felice del Benaco, Italia

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

  • 08-06-19 Lefani Francis Mwanza (Hib-Zim), Rusape, Zimbabwe
  • 04-07-19 Dieudonné Bhobhole Likambo (Ita-Con), Butembo, RD Congo
  • 04-07-19 Denis Dhego Mulindro (Ita-Con), Butembo, RD Congo
  • 04-07-19 Floribert Uweci Kakura (Ita-Con), Butembo, RD Congo
  • 26-07-19 João Paolo Pereira Moraes (Flum), Belo Horizonte, Brasil
  • 27-07-19 Cassiano Barbosa Rodrigues (Pern), Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Brasil
  • 27-07-19 Jhonatan Quiroga Castañeda (Col), Manizales, Colombia
54/2019 – 04 – 08

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As Carmelites We live our life of allegiance to Jesus Christ and to serve Him faithfully with a pure heart and a clear conscience through a commitment to seek the face of the living God (the contemplative dimension of life), through prayer, through fraternity, and through service (diakonia). These three fundamental elements of the charism are not distinct and unrelated values, but closely interwoven. 

All of these we live under the protection, inspiration and guidance of Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, whom we honor as "our Mother and sister."