Rainforests: Resources for Life

Carmelite NGO


Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth's land surface; now they cover a mere 6%. Estimates are that the remaining forests could disappear in less than 40 years. Yet approximately 80% of the developed world's diet originates in the tropical rainforests. Some 70% of the plants that are active against cancer cells are found in the rainforest. Preserving the rainforest intact and harvesting its many plants has a greater economic impact than if they were cut down to make grazing land and its timber used.

This June 5th, the Carmelite NGO encourages reflection and prayer on this environmental reality.

This World Day of Prayer is one of twice annual days of prayer and reflection that are sponsored by the Carmelite NGO.

Please feel free to download the booklet or write to our New Orleans office for copies.

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