The life of St. Mary Magdalen De-Pazzi : Florentine noble, sacred Carmelite virgin (1900)

Fabrini, Placido; Isoleri, Antonio
Sources: - University of Toronto

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I return endless thanks to you for your loving thought of dedicating to me your translation of the 

"Life of St. Mary Magdalen (De-fpazzi." 


(By this new token of good=will not only do you tighten the 

sweet bonds of the old friendship which bind me to you, but you 

compel me from henceforth to address special prayers to the 

Seraphic Florentine Virgin, that she may bless and prosper 

your apostolic labors in that Italian Church dedicated to her 

glorious name. 


This I shall do with a sense of gratitude, and, prostrated 

at the altar where the Saint, among the lilies and the roses, 

seems still to rest in the arms of the angels after one of her 

paradisiacal ecstasies, I will beseech her to smile upon you from 

heaven, to protect those people who venerate and love her so 

much, and to embalm, with the perfume of her virtues, the 

hearts of all, enamoring all of Jesus Christ. 


And these very pious but poor (Religious, so often relieved in 

their poverty by the generous charity of (Rev. A. Isoleri, will 

unite with me in prayers and good wishes and will obtain 

for you, from the Lord, a very ample reward. 


Whilst wishing you every heavenly blessing, I again 

tender to you the most lively thanks for the undeserved honor 

you are doing me, and I again declare myself, with sentiments 

of loving esteem, 


Your most devoted 





Florence, March ist, igoo. 








I undertake the translation of " The Life and Works of St. Mary 

Magdalen De-Pazzi," by the Rev. Placid o Fabrini, for the honor of God 

and of his servant, St. Mary Magdalen De-Pazzi ; and, chiefly, to obtain, 

through her intercession, two graces one of which is, that I may be 

able to build a new church under her invocation, to replace the present 

one, which is old, small, and poorly constructed. 1 


May the necessary light and strength be given to me, so that I 

shall succeed in accomplishing what I now begin in the name of the 

Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. 


With all but a certainty of not being able to do full justice to the 

original, and without reflecting on the judgment of translators and 

publishers, or calling their taste into question, and much less with 

a view to making comparisons between Saints, but mindful only of 

A Kempis advice : " Noli etiam inquirere nee disputare de meritis 

Sanctorum, quis alio sit sanctior, aut quis major fuerit in regno co3lo- 

rum" (L/ib. iii, cap. Iviii, 2) "Do not inquire nor dispute about the 

merits of the Saints, which of them is more holy than the other, or 

which is the greater in the kingdom of heaven;" I may be allowed 

to state here that many Lives of Saints/ have of late been translated from 

the Italian and other languages into English, and published in this 

country, which are not half so interesting or edifying as, I confidently 

hope, this will be found to be, not only by Religious, but by all Christians. 


Once for all, I beg an indulgent judgment of this translation and 

its poor English, in view of the good object and the good will employed 

to secure it. The original is certainly grand ; and, did we but know 

that another pen was, or soon would be, at work translating it, we 

would immediately drop our own, thank the Lord, and repent of our 

presumption. 2 


1 The work of building the new church, a new parochial house, and a school, 

together with the constantly increasing work imposed by the extraordinary tide of 

immigration, compelled the interruption of this translation for several years ; whilst what 

was done of it could only be done now and then, at long intervals. The church having 

been completed one of the graces asked we have endeavored to complete the work 

and publish it, in fulfillment of our intention and vow. (1898.) 


2 And, had the magnificent edition of "The Life and Ecstasies of St. M. M. De-P." 

by the Sisters of her Order and Monastery, come out sooner, we would, without doubt, 

have given it the preference. It was issued, Florence, 1893. 


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